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A very nice site that covers lots of well liked anime like Evangelion, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Rayearth, 3x3 Eyes etc.

How to be my affiliate??

The main purpose to this affiliate program is to increase my page hits as well as providing visitors to some other good sites out there. I have drawn some requirements of my own.

My requirements:
1. I must like the site
2. Must be an anime/manga related site
3. No hentai (porn)
4. Page hits must not be less than mine (i have hits 100+, unique 80+ / day)

As you can see, my page is kinda cramped, most likely I'll chuck my affiliates' button inside the scroller (bottom left where all the buttons scroll) and also include their details on the top of this 'affiliate' page.

If you are interested and sastified with my policy, pls fill in the form and I'll contact you shortly.

Site's Name
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I welcome and appreciate anyone to add link to BabyEva. You can to so by adding the following code:

<!-- BabyEva's Link Code Starts-->
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/babyeva.gif" width="88" height="31" alt="BabyEva by Babytooth Graphics" border="0"></a>
<!--BabyEva's Link Code Ends-->

BabyEva by Babytooth Graphics
It shall look exactly like this!! Thank You.