The Angels are the entities which the EVAs must destroy for the benefit of mankind. As prophesized by the Dead Sea Scrolls, there are 17 Angels which appear and attack independent to each other.

Adam1st Angel [ADAM]
Adam is the very first Angel. Adam was not defeated but was captured in Antarctica where all his energy was used to initiate the 2nd Impact. During the process, Adam was reverted into embryo status and transferred to NERV Japan. Adam is similar in appearance to the EVAs which are probably clones of Adam.

Lilith2nd Angel [LILLITH]
Lillith is the being where all life comes from. In other cultures she is a fallen angel or Adam's wife before Eve. There is much confusion as to when and how NERV managed to obtain Lillith. She is vital to the EVA series - her blood is LCL, her body was used to create Rei and Unit 01. She is the vessel for the 3rd Impact and in case she was ever destroyed, Unit 01 was created from her as an alternative.

Sachiel3rd Angel [SACHIEL]
Sachiel is the first Angel encountered by NERV and the EVA series. It has many attack methods - a palm saber, an eye laser, physical strength, hovering and self destruction. Sachiel is also the Angel of Water.

Shamshel4th Angel [SHAMSHEL]
Shamshel is powerfully armed with 2 electric whips. It was destroyed when Unit 01's progressive knife penetrated the Sē Engine. After the battle, the 4th Angel provided a perfect specimen for NERV and although its core was damaged, it provided a model for the Sē Engines later seen in Units 05 to 13. Shamshel is also the Angel of Day.

Ramiel5th Angel [RAMIEL]
Ramiel has the most powerful AT-Field of all the Angels. It is capable of deflecting attacks and also producing high energy outputs to attack anything that comes within range. Ramiel was defeated by utilizing all of Japan's energy reserves channeled through the SSDS Positron Rifle. This was successful in penetrating the AT-Field and the core of the Angel. Ramiel is the Angel of Thunder.

Gaghiel6th Angel [GAGHIEL]
The 6th Angel was encountered whilst EVA Unit 02 was being transferred to NERV Japan. Asuka and Shinji co-operated in defeating this aquatic Angel by opening its jaws allowing 2 destroyers to enter and fire at the Sē Engine within the Angel to destroy it. Gaghiel is the Angel of Fish.

Israfel7th Angel [ISRAFEL]
This was the first Angel that was capable to operate as 2 separate entities after Unit 02 sliced it in half. After defeating both Units 01 and 02, the Angel was partially destroyed using an Nē Mine. The Angel was destroyed by using synchronized attacks on both halves. Israfel is the Angel of Art.

Sandalphon8th Angel [SANDALPHON]
The 8th Angel was detected within a volcano in the embryonic stage. When an attempt to capture it was made by Unit 02, it broke loose from the electromagnetic cage. The operation was immediately changed from capturing the Angel to destroying it. The UN was present and ready to eliminate the site with Nē Mines in case anything went wrong. It was destroyed by the principle of thermal dynamics when Asuka used coolant to weaken the Angel's molecular structure. Sandalphon is the Angel of Birth.

Matarael9th Angel [MATARAEL]
Matarael is a spider-like Angel which attempted to attack NERV HQ during a power failure with acid secreted from its main eye. It was destroyed by all 3 EVA Units each taking a different position - Shinji as offense, Asuka as defense and Rei as the back-up. Matarael is the Angel of Seasons.

Sahaquiel10th Angel [SAHAQUIEL]
This gigantic Angel showed incredible intelligence. It was able to focus its AT-Field to jam satellite transmissions and also to drop and aim bombs from its orbit. Eventually it began to plummet to Earth and the 3 EVAs were in position to intercept it. Sahaquiel is the Angel of Sky.

Iruel11th Angel [IRUEL]
Iruel us composed of thousands on nanomachines. It attacked during a synchronization test. It was able to evolve and hack into the MAGI system before being intercepted by a program engineered by Ritsuko and Maya. Iruel is the Angel of Fear.

Liliel12th Angel [LILIEL]
The actual Angel is a Sea of Durac. It is a giant shadow 600 km in diameter and 3 nanometres in thickness. Within this layer is an inverted AT-Field which works as a black hole. The physical shape in the sky is the shadow of the Angel. It was destroyed by Unit 01 after being swallowed by the Sea of Durac. Leliel is the Angel of Night.

Bardiel13th Angel [BARDIEL]
Bardiel is actually the slimy substance located in the joints of Unit 03 which prevented the entry plug from ejecting. It actually attached to Unit 03 when it was being transported by a carrier which flew through a cloud, causing a brief shock of electricity. It possessed Unit 03, which at the time was piloted by Touji, and was destroyed by Unit 01 under the control of the Dummy Plug. Bardiel is the Angel of Blood.

Zeruel14th Angel [ZERUEL]
Zeruel is one of the most powerful Angels. It has 2 razor sharp ribbon arms and incredibly powerful optic blasts which can penetrate 18 layers of armor protecting NERV HQ. It knows how an EVA works and quickly disables Units 02 and 00. It was defeated by Unit 01 which went berserk and devoured the Angel's Sē Engine. Zeruel is the Angel of Might.

Arael15th Angel [ARAEL]
Arael had no intention in finding Adam. It simply wanted to understand the human mind therefore violating and desecrating Asuka's mind. It was beyond the range of any weaponry and thus was destroyed by using the Lance of Longinus. Arael is the Angel of Birds.

Armisael16th Angel [ARMISAEL]
This Angel has no core. It is composed of a ring structure made from a double helix. It's attack method is to assimilate with an EVA. It was able to make contact with Unit 00 and also to communicate with Rei's mind. It was destroyed when Rei sacrificed herself and self destructed Unit 00. Armisael is the Angel of the Womb.

Tabris17th Angel [TABRIS]
Kaoru Nagisa, the 5th Child is the 17th and last Angel as written in the Dead Sea Scrolls. He was able to synchronize with Unit 02 immediately, taking the EVA with him into Central Dogma. Shinji was sent after him to stop him in Unit 01 and eventually, Kaoru wished to die and was killed by Shinji.