Neon Genesis Evangelion or Shin Seiki Evangelion in Japanese, means Next Generation Evangelion. It is an anime by Hideaki Anno's with Gainax. It somehow ended up being one of the most popular anime series ever to be produced. It was a TV series then later developed into three movie releases, manga books, video games and countless other money spin-offs which furthered it's popularity.

Evangelion spreads all over the world, with the original TV series already available in subtitled and dubbed versions into various languages. The reasons for the anime's success was varied, but there were some major factors have made Evangelion unique among all other animes.

Neon Genesis Evangelion seems to be just another mecha action flick in the same style as Gundam or Macross. As the viewers pull further into the anime, it is easy to see that it is more than that. Firstly, the characters are not just heroes piloting giant robots to save mankind/earth. In fact, they have unique personalities and faced everyday problems that are concerned with philosophical and/or religious themes.

In many ways, viewers could identify themselves with the characters, as these people were just like us and faced similar problems as we do. Characters like Shinji and Rei have become quite popular among fans, with the two winning countless popularity polls and contests.

A part of Neon Genesis Evangelion that was valued by many fans was the intricate plot, which housed connections to ancient prophecies, supernatural mysteries, metaphysical and religious theories. Even the fundamental basics of reality lost their value. God and Creation were viewed from a very different angle, implying man's attempts to become God himself. Neon Genesis Evangelion was and still is a very unique work which pleased heaps of anime fans around the globe as well as attracting people who do not ussually watch anime.