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[ Evangelion ]
Skin By: Yuffie Kisaragi
Author's Comment:
Ikari Shinji's sad and depressing childhood. Yellow too!
File size: 166kb

Evangelion A World Ending
[ Evangelion A World Ending ]
Skin By: unknown
Author's Comment:
Skin for Episode 25 of NGE
File size: 135kb

NGE : EvaPixel [ NGE : EvaPixel ]
Skin By: sho sho
Author's Comment:
Skin about Kaoru (Evangelion)
File size: 163kb

Stay Away

[ Stay Away ]
Skin By: Daniel Wills
Author's Comment:
Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
FIle Size: 135kb

RedEva Kaoru Amp [ RedEva Kaoru Amp ]
Skin By: Athey Nansel
Author's Comment:
Nagisa Kaoru from Evangelion
File Size: 253kb