Red Cross Book

The Red Cross Book (referred to as RCB) is the pamphlet sold in the cinema to those who came to see the movie "the End of Evangelion". It cost 800 yen. The book is A-4 in size and landscape in orientation. The cover is pitch black with a red Georgian cross superimposed on it, hence the name "Red Cross Book" On the cross, the words "THE END OF EVANGELION" was printed, in thin, match-like manner.

- This is the order sent out by the government of Japan at Neo-Tokyo-2 in "Air", ep.25. The order means the "abolishment of the special legal protection towards the intelligence organsization NERV, and the transfer of its command to the government of Japan". Since "A-17" was issued when the 8th Angel was captured, there has been other "A-" orders. They were all emergency action orders related to NERV.

[A.T. Field] - Abbreviation of "ABSOLUTE TERROR FIELD". A physical barrier of absolute field put out by the Angels and EVA’s. It boasts enormous defensive power, and it is able to greatly reduce the power of all attacking weapons. The ability of EVA to neutralize the A.T.Field of the Angels is one major reason why EVA was considered as the only weapon against the Angels. However, the same A.T.Field does not exist only in the Angels or EVA’s. Human also possesses this field. With this A.T.Field, human is able to keep seperate from each other, and to stay in seperate physical forms. Nagisa Kaworu explained A.T.Field as "a barrier of heart that everybody has".

[Adam] - The first Angel. The giant of light spotted in Antartica. The rumour that Adam was confined deep underground below NERV HQ turned out to be false information. The giant underground is in fact Lilith. The real Adam is the embryo-looking object brought by Kaji from Germany. This object was created by human when they restored Adam back to the embryonic state after they woke it up with S^2 Theory. This process seemed to be what had caused the Second Impact. Moreover, it was stated in Genesis of the Old Testament in Bible that Adam was the first human created by God based on His image. There are many theories as to what the word "Adam" means. "Earth", "Red" and "Create" have been put forward as possible theories.

[Angels] - (SHITO) Some lifeforms originated from the source of lifeform which is called "Lilith". It could be any size or shape: a big octahedral, a form as small as the size of bacteria, or even a shadow which has no tangible form. Borrowing the words from Fuyutsuki’s dialogue in ep.26, it seems that "Angels" got the "Fruit of Life" whereas human got the "Fruit of Intelligence". It can be said that "Angels" is just another form of human, with the same probability of appearance as human. Human is thus the 18th Angel.

[Ark] - (HOUSHUU) A rectangular shaped boat. From Exodus in the Old Testament of Bible, Noah received a revelation from God to build a huge Ark and put all animals pair by pair onto it, thus saving all species from a world-scale flood. In ep.26 the dialogue said by Fuyutsuki, "Is it becoming an Ark which saves human from the nothingness of Third Impact?", touches on this legend.

[BC Weapon] - (B C HEIKI) Biological and Chemical Weapon, meaning weapons like poison gas or bacteria. "B" and "C" are the first alphabet of "Biological" and "Chemical" respectively. In ep.25 "Air", Aoba Shigeru feared that the Strategic Self Defense Force might deploy the BC Weapon.

[Black Moon] - (KUROki TSUKI) The word used by SEELE to describe the egg of Lilith, the source of life. In ep.26, when Human Complementation Plan started, we know that the huge underground cavity underneath Neo-Tokyo-3 which later became Geo-Front is in fact the "Black Moon".

[Central Dogma] - A huge and wide underground area directly beneath NERV HQ. Its lowest level has a sea of LCL and Lilith who was cruficied on a red cross. By the way, in biological terms, "Central Dogma" means the irreversible information flow that occurs in the transformation DNA -> RNA -> protein.

[Children] - The persons picked by Marduk, the consultative body directly under the Human Complementation Committee, (in fact NERV is Marduk) who can pilot EVA. According to the order of being chosen, the persons are called First, Second, Third etc. What is common to all of them is that they are all young boys and girls who do not have mothers. By the way, the candidates of Children are grouped in Class 2-A of the First Municipal Junior High of Neo-Tokyo-3.

[Command Centre (literal translation: Command Announcement Office] - (HATSUREISHO) A command room located inside the Central Combat Operation Room of NERV HQ. It reminds one of the bridge of a military ship. During combat, seven people including the commander, deputy commander, combat operation leader would gather in this place to form the core staff. All the instructions would then come from this room. There are more than two such command centres in NERV HQ. Since the first was destroyed during the intrusion by the 14th Angel, the second command centre is currently in use. By the way, below the command centre are three secondary command centres and the original MAGI systems are installed there. This becomes the cause of the hesitation of the invading JSDF over their tactics.

[Community/Colony] - (GUNTAI) Misato used this word when she said that human are "a colony of worthless" from the point of view from the Complementation Plan. For colony, it originally means a group of individual organism linked to each other, each of them can produce new individuals by splitting or budding. Each individual organism within a colony can live as its own independently.

[Destrado] - In ep.26, when Hyouga checks on the status of EVA-01, he confirms that the Destrado of the pilot -- Ikari Shinji -- is getting physical (PY: or un-metaphysical, material). Destrado is, according to the theory advocated by E.Weiss, the energy of the self-destructive impulse. It is the antonym of Libido. Its meaning is different from the energy of "Instinct of Death", advocated by P.Federn, the master of Moltedor-Weiss.

[Dummy Plug] - A virtual Entry Plug which was developed for starting and using EVA without the pilot. Even though it has a copy of the personal pattern of the Children, the digitization of the soul is impossible. Thus the Dummy Plug can only serve to simulate the thought pattern. The Dummy Plug prepared by NERV had the copy of the personal pattern of First Children (Ayanami Rei). On the other hand, the Dummy Plug prepared by SEELE used the personal pattern of the Fifth Children (Nagisa Kaworu).

[Enchantment/Haunt] - (IDAI/yoridake) An object to which spirits stick. Also an object that becomes a media through which spirits manifest themselves. At ep.26, when SEELE uses EVA01 and converts it into a Tree of Life, Fuyutsuki uses this term in comment.

[Entry Plug] - A capsule-shaped cockpit inside which the EVA pilot sits. EVA is started by the insertion of such plug into its back neck (the same applies to the virtual entry plug—dummy plug). In emergency the plug can be ejected and becomes an evacuation capsule. The plug is equipped with parachute and ejection rocket for this purpose.

[Evangelion] - The formal name is "General-purpose Humanoid Decisive Combat Weapon - Artificial Human (Adroid) Evangelion"

[Hanyou Ninkei Kessen Heiki - Jinzou Ningen Evangerion]. In order to implement the Human Complementation Project, 14 years of time and astronomical amount of money were used to build Evangelion. Being able to deploy A.T.Field as well as neutralize it, it is the only weapon that human have to counter the Angels. It takes its power from electricity and without external supply it can maintain only 5 minutes of activity. Thus usually it takes the electrical power it needs through Umbilical Cable. (EVA from EVA-05 onwards does not need this cable because it has the S^2 Engine) Originally EVA does not have soul. To have a soul in EVA, EVA-01 had the soul of Ikari Yui living in it. The origin of the name "EVA" was thought to derive from EVA, the wife of Adam, from the "Old Testament" of Bible, and "Evangel", the English for the gospel.

[Evangelion mass-produced model (EVA series)] - (Evangerion RYOUSANKI) The nine EVA (EVA-05 to EVA-13) built at different NERV branches. Different from the existing EVA’s, these EVA’s are under the command of SEELE, not NERV. Since they have S^2 Engine mounted, they have infinite active duration, and thus do not need Umbilical Cables. They also have foldable wings which enable them to fly. In order to start the Human Complementation Project, SEELE throw them into their battle against NERV, and as a group they destroy EVA-02.

[Frigate] - (Furigeeto KAN) A military ship standing by at the underground lake inside Geo-Front. It has the high speed and sea-worthiness of a destroyer and can be used for anti-submarine, anti-air and alert patrol purposes. Since the ship belongs to NERV, at the broadsides of the ship the printed letters of "NERV" could be seen. At ep.25 "Air", it is destroyed by the fighting between EVA02 and JSDF.

[Fruit of Life] - (SEIMEI no MI) It is mentioned by Fuyutsuki in ep.26 as the thing that Angels have. It is written in "Genesis" of "Old Testament Bible" that at the centre of Eden there were the "Tree of Wisdom" and "Tree of Life". Human disobeyed the order from God and ate the "Fruit of Wisdom". But what if the "Fruit of Life" was instead eaten? Could the answer be the Angels? Moreover, the myth has it that one can live forever if he eats the fruit from the Tree of Life.

[Fruit of Wisdom] - (CHIE no MI) The "thing" that is held by human. The product of this wisdom seems to be "Science", which is praised by Gendou as "the power of human" but ridiculed by Fuyutsuki as what "caused the Second Impact". Both EVA and the Human Complementation Plan are all the products of this wisdom. From Genesis of the Old Testament of Bible, it was said that at the centre of the Garden of Eden beside the Tree of Life, there was a Tree of Wisdom -- a Tree that knows good and evil. Human disobeyed the order of God and ate its fruit. As a result God banished human from the Garden of Eden and imposed many constraints of freedom on human. If that is the case, does it mean that human got wisdom in exchange for banishment from the Garden?

[Gaf’s Room] - (Gabu no HEYA) A word spoken by Fuyutsuki in ep.26. He said that the opening of Gaf’s Room has the same meaning as the start of the world as well as the opening of the door of the finale. When this door is open, the surface of the Earth turns to LCL, human can no longer keep intact their physical forms as individuals but return to LCL form. At TV ep.21, Ritsuko also mentioned the Gaf’s Room.

[Geo-Front] - A big underground city buried deep underground below Neo-Tokyo-3. This was built using an pre-existing spherical cavity (though most of it had been under earth and dust at first). Its ceiling was almost totally destroyed when in ep.25 the Strategic Self-Defence Force mounted their attack against NERV, and Geo-Front became exposed to outside. NERV HQ is located at the centre of Geo-Front, and is surrounded by big forests and underground lakes. The many high-rising buildings that hang upside-down on the top part of Geo-Front are the "Celing City (Tenjou Toushi)". It looks exactly the same as Neo-Tokyo-3 that sits above it, and is used to accomodate the sunken buildings of Neo-Tokyo-3 when an Angel comes to attack. After the start of the Human Complementation Plan, we know that this cavity is actually the egg of Lilith—the "Black Moon".

[Human Complementation Plan] - (JINRUI HOKAN KEIKAKU) A plan to induce artificial evolution for human, who had reached an impasse in becoming a colony of worthless, to become a total single-form organism. It was under the direction of SEELE, and the secret agency NERV was the implementation organisation. However, the expectations of SEELE seems to be different from the objective of NERV (which means the objective of Gendou and Fuyutsuki). EVA was in fact not planned as a weapon. It was built with the aim to realise this plan. More specifically, it seems that the plan is to artificially start the Third Impact, thus erasing all human, and after human shed their physical form, they will then evolute into a new stage.

[L.C.L] - The liquid that fills the cockpit of the Entry Plug. It is sticky and has the smell like blood. It was discovered that when its molecular arrangement is changed by electricity charge, the liquid can perform several functions including the mental link between EVA and her pilot, supplying oxygen and providing both physical and mental protection to the pilot. The liquid that fills the lowest floor of the Terminal Dogma where Lilith was located is also L.C.L. "L.C.L." is the abbreviation of "Link Connected Liquid". There are many theories as to what exactly L.C.L. is, but it seems that in fact it is what was called "the soup of life".

[Lilin] - The name used by Nagisa Kaworu to mean human. From the legends, Lilin (the name Lil-In is also used) was the children born between Adam and his very first wife Lilith. After that, Lilith became a demon who attacked the new-born babies, and seduced men who are sleeping so that they ejaculated in their sleep.

[Lilith] - A giant crucified on a red cross at the extreme depth under NERV HQ. Its face is covered with a mask which has the Arm of SEELE drawn on it. Its hands are penetrated by nails that are stuck on the cross. Although it does not have the lower body when it was pierced by the Spear of Longinus, it grows its lower body after the Spear was pulled out. Originally the Human Complementation Plan planned to use this Lilith. However SEELE changed the plan after the Spear was lost, and they attempted to use EVA01 for Complementation purpose. At that moment, Keel Lorentz says this is "the copy of Lilith". By this it seems that EVA01 was actually made by copying Lilith. By the way, in the preaching literatures of the Rabbis, it was said that Lilith (Lilit) was the very first wife of Adam. It was also said that between Adam and Lilith were born the demons and spirits.

[MAGI] - A supercomputer whose foundation theory was completed by the late Dr.Akagi Naoko and implemented by her daughter, Dr.Akagi Ritsuko. It is said that MAGI is the brain of the secret agency NERV. It devises, revises and solves many of its mysteries and plans. MAGI is composed of three systems: MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3. Final decision is made after the conference of these 3 computers. This computer is similar to human not just in the sense that it re-creates on a computer the dilemmas usually held by human, it is also similar in the sense that it uses a personality-transplant-OS which has the thought logic pattern of human transplanted to the computer. The thought logic pattern transplated to MAGI is that of Dr.Akagi Naoko. MELCHIOR-1, BALTHASAR-2 and CASPER-3 has the transplanted thought pattern of Naoko as a scientist, a mother and a woman respectively. By the way, the name of "MAGI" comes from the name for the three wise men from the east who prophesized the birth of Jesus (PY’s note: this seems to be a bit misinforming?) in the New Testament of Bible. MELCHIOR, BALTHASAR and CASPER are their respective names. At the beginning of movie ep.25 "Air", started from MAGI #2 at Matsushiro, the five builds of MAGI from Germany, USA and China etc. tried to hack into the original MAGI sitting in the NERV HQ.

[Mark of NERV] - The Secret Agency NERV has a mark which is composed of three parts: the name of the organisation, a picture and a motto. The name of the organisation is the 4 character word "NERV". The motto is "God is in his heaven. All right with the world" (PY: the Japanese translation of this English motto is given in the original text, which would be pointless to translate back into English :-) , a section taken from "Pippa Passes", written by a 19th century poet Robert Browning. And then the picture is a half piece of fig leaf. The fig leaf, accoring to legend, is the symbol of the original sin which entangled Adam and Eve. It reminds us of the human who ate the Fruit of Wisdom.

[N^2 Weapon] - A weapon that possesses enormous destructive power and is owned by the UN army and the Strategic Self Defence orce. There are many variations of this weapon: N^2 mines, N^2 deep water charge, N^2 air charge, N^2 bombs etc. At ep.25, when Aoba Shigeru mentioned his fear that BC Weapon ight be deployed, Hyouga Makoto replied that N^2 Weapon is equally dangerous.

[Neo-Tokyo-2] - The new capital city of Japan. Built in the old Nagano prefecture to replace the old Tokyo. Construction started in 2001 and it acquired all the functionalities suited for a capital in 2003. In 2005 the second capital relocation plan was agreed, and it was planned that the capital would be moved to Neo-Tokyo-3, still under construction then. By the way, old Tokyo was annihilated by the new bomb dropped one week after the Second Impact. Again, the construction of Neo-Tokyo-2 was decided by the Provisional Government of Japan. In ep.25 "Air", when Hyouga mentioned "the second Tokyo", he meant this Neo-Tokyo-2 as well as the government of Japan which was located there.

[Neo-Tokyo-3] - Although in public it was circulated as the new capital city that would replace Neo-Tokyo-2, it is in fact a fortress city for ambushing the Angels, which was built with the expectation of Angels coming to attack it. But then the ambush combat force is the EVA. The city mainly serves the function of supply and support. Armed buildings—supporting facilities which are made to look like ordinary buildings—stood inside the city like forests. Inside the buildings are the discharge outlets of EVA, electricity supply, replenishment of weapon and ammunition and supporting guns. There are also many ambush weapons installed around the city. Spread below the city is the wide and big Geo-Front. Located at its centre is the headquarter of the Secret Agency NERV. In ep.25, the city was first attacked by the Strategic Self-Defence Force, and then EVA-series were thrown into the attack. This annihilated all the combat strength of the city except for EVA-01.

[NERV, Secret Agency] - (TOKUMUKIKAN NERV) An extra-legel organisation which aims at pushing the Human Complementation Plan. It was organised by moving the whole GEHIRN, the investigation body for the same plan, into this new body. The headquarter is located at Neo-Tokyo-3. It is also an international body with branches in Germany and USA etc. Although to outsiders it is an organisation directly under UN, in fact UN has absolutely no influence over it. It is under the command of SEELE. Holding several Evangelion, the General-Purpose Humanoid Decisive-Battle Weapon, it possesses the only combat force capable to counter the Angels. However, its vulnerability to anti-personnel combat was fully exposed when it received attacks from the Strategic Self-Defence Force in ep.25 "Air".

[Noises of Cicada] - (SEMI no KOE) In the world of Evangelion, because of radical changes in the climate and environment caused by the Second Impact, Japan had lost her four seasons and had a summer climate all through the year. That is why in the anime the noises of cicada can always be heard.

[Plug Suit] - The dedicated uniform for EVA pilot. It has the effect of raising the sync-rate and protecting the body etc. This suit is totally one piece covering from feet to neck. Its structure is similar to things like wet suit. There will still be space between the suit and the body after it is put on, but by clicking on a switch on the wrist the suit then sticks to the body.

[Progressive Knife] - A melee fighting weapon which forms a blade with high-frequency vibrating particles that cuts through the object of contact on a molecular level. It is one of the standard equipments for EVA and is usually stored in a space at the shoulders. EVA02 uses a new cutter-type knife -- even if the blade is broken, a new blade will come out from the back by pushing a button, making the knife useable again. It is often called in its abbreviated form: Prog Knife.

[Red Earth Purification Ceremony, The] - (AkiChi no MISOGI) A word spoken by the members of Seele in ep.26, when Geo-Front reverted itself back into the "Black Moon" i.e. the Egg of Lilith. "Misogi" originally means a religious ceremony in which body is cleansed through bath in water. As an extension it means any method used to purify or sanctify a certain object. While there is a theory that the etymology of ADAM, the ancestor of all human, is red or earth, its link with the "Red Earth" is unclear.

[Rite of Passage] - (TSUUKAGIREI) A ritual ceremony performed when a person changes his identity in the society and acquires new responsibilites. It is a declaration to outside about the personal change in a social sense. It is also a prayer for safe and peace to come with the change. In ep.25 "Air", members of SEELE comment that the Human Complementation Plan is "the Rite of Passage aimed to bring new vigour to human which has become blocked-out".

[S^2 Engine] - (S^2 KIKAN) A power generation system based on the supersolenoid theory advocated by Dr.Katsuragi (PY: Misato’s father). When EVA is loaded with this engine, its active time could be extended to infinity. All Angels possess this S^2 Engine, and EVA-01 got it when it devoured the 14th Angel. Moreover, all EVA’s from EVA-05 onwards also possess this engine and thus do not need Umbilical Cable any more.

[Secret Agency NERV] - (TOKUMUKIKAN NERV) An extra-legel organisation which aims at pushing the Human Complementation Plan. It was organised by moving the whole GEHIRN, the investigation body for the same plan, into this new body. The headquarter is located at Neo-Tokyo-3. It is also an international body with branches in Germany and USA etc. Although to outsiders it is an organisation directly under UN, in fact UN has absolutely no influence over it. It is under the command of SEELE. Holding several Evangelion, the General-Purpose Humanoid Decisive-Battle Weapon, it possesses the only combat force capable to counter the Angels. However, its vulnerability to anti-personnel combat was fully exposed when it received attacks from the Strategic Self-Defence Force in ep.25 "Air".

[Secret Dead Sea Scrolls] - (URA SHIKAI BUNSHO) A document that seems to be used by Seele for the direction of their actions. Following what was recorded in "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls", Seele built EVA and fought the battles against the Angels. It seems that this same document also recorded all invading Angels. By the way, the "Dead Sea Scrolls" as exists in real life was dug out from a cave near the Dead Sea of Israel in 1947. Its contents include the "Old Testament" of Bible and its acryophaea.

[SEELE] - A secret organisation that existed even before the Second Impact. It hid the truth about the Second Impact and the existence of Angels and uses its power to abuse UN and other countries. After the Second Impact, it used UN as a cover, established the Committee of Human Complementation and the secret agency NERV, and built the EVA series. SEELE's Human Complementation Plan is mapped out according to what was recorded on the "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls". The objective of the plan is to move human up to another stage of evolution. However, with the loss of the Spear of Longinus, and then the rebellion of Ikari Gendou, the commander of the secret agency NERV, it became inevitable that the plan has to be changed at the last stage. By the way, "Seele" means "soul" in German. All organisations that are related to SEELE, like GEHIRN and NERV, all have their names derived from German. Could it be that these organisations first started in Germany?

[SEELE's Coat of Arm] - (SEELE no MONSHOU) A coat of arm which has an inverted triangle superimposed by seven eyes. The same emblem was painted on the mask that covered the face of Lilith. Its relationship with Jehovah, who is the absolute God in "Old Testament Bible" and is sometimes said to have seven eyes, is unclear.

- (Tantai) The objective of the Human Complementation Plan is the induced artificial evolution of human into "an organism which lives as a total single-form". This "single-form" means a life form which ends as a single individual. And this term is used to distinguish with "community form", which is life form formed by a multiple of individuals.

[Spear of Longinus] - A giant spiral-shaped spear which can penetrate A.T.Field. The spear splits into two branches at the one end, but these two branches will recombine into one when the spear is thrown against an object and penetrates it. The spear was first used during the battle against the 15th Angel. It destroyed the Angel on a satellite orbit. However the spear itself reached the Moon and became unretrivable. That said, the real use of the Spear is not meant to be a weapon. It seems that it is a necessary item in the Complementation Plan which uses Lilith. By the way, Longinus was the name of the soldier who used his spear to pierce Jesus who was being crucified on cross. The spear is stored as a relic by the St.Augustine Church in Rome.

[Spear of Longinus (copy)] - The fighting weapon used by the mass-production model EVA. It is modelled on the Spear of Longinus and its shape and length can change. When it penetrates a A.T.Field, the two tips which branch out from the spear's end spiral into one and intrude into the field. At ep.25, this spear penetrates the A.T.Field of EVA02 and then the still-fighting EVA02 itself, and EVA02 stops. This spear cannot be used for Complementation which involves Lilith, but as a weapon it has almost the same power as the original Spear.

- (SEIKON) A word used by members of SEELE in ep.26 to describe the bloody wounds appeared at both hands of EVA-01. It is called "stigma" in English. Originally it means the burn marks applied on cattle or slaves. In Catholic areas, it is said that the wounds suffered by crucified Christ (on both hands, both feet, side of abdomen, forehead) sometimes appear on human with no external reason.

[Strategic Self-Defence Force] - (SENRYAKU JIEITAI) A military force directly under the Defence Ministry of Japan. Triggered by the military conflicts between China and Vietnam over the Spartleys, it was formed by the Japanese government which had no military force of its own (all the army, navy and air force of the original Self-Defence Force had been incorporated in UN Force). The English abbreviation is JSDF, which stands for "JAPAN STRATEGY SELF DEFENSE FORCE" [sic]. It was also often called "Senji" as its short form. In ep.25 "Air", under the instruction from the Japanese government, one division of JSDF was deployed in an attempt to directly occupy the secret agency NERV.

[Third Children] - It means Ikari Shinji—The third suitable person chosen by the Marduk organisation. Without training, he managed to start up EVA-01, which had been ridiculed as "09 system" because of its 0.000000001% start-up probability , and surprised all those involved. Afterwards, he became the dedicated pilot of EVA-01 and stayed in Neo-Tokyo-3. Having a higher Synch-ratio than other Children, he often becomes the core force in battles against Angels.

[Third Impact] - A large-scale catatstrophe following the First (Giant) Impact and the Second Impact, as foreseen by human. It had been said that this would be started by from alien Angels who came into contact with Adam stored underground beneath Neo-Tokyo-3, and therefore EVA and NERV were there to protect this from happening. However, the truth is that they were there precisely to start the Third Impact, the real objective being the Human Complementation Plan.

[Tree of Life] - (SEIMEI no KI) When the Human Complementation Plan starts, EVA-01 grows into something like a tree, with its roots spreaded towards the sky and its branches extended to the ground. Regarding this Fuyutsuki comments, "EVA-01 is returned to the Tree of Life". A Tree of Life that has its roots and branches inverted appears on both Hindu scriptures and the Kabbalah. This was called "the Inverted Tree".

[Tree of Sephiroth] - (Sehuiroto no KI) A graph of symbols in Kabbalah (A mystery sect of Judaism which built around the mystery interpretations of "Torah"). It represented, as a diagram, the physical rendition of the 3-dimensional images of the spiritual realm. The same diagram can also be found in Gendou's office. The diagram is composed of ten circles linked by 22 paths. It shows the route of how a human can attain the highest possible spiritual level. Moreover, many other interpretations are said to be possible: As a step-by-step diagram for meditation, as a map that shows the way to wisdom, or as a prediction for human's future etc. In ep.26 "Magokoro wo kimi ni", EVA series formed a big Tree of Sephiroth on the sky.

[Umbilical Cable] - (Anbirikaru Keeburu or Dengen Keeburu/Power Cable) The cable that is used to supply electric power to EVA from an outside source because as a weapon EVA has a very short active time-limit. It can be said as the weak point of EVA. This is noticed by the Strategic Self-Defence Force, when during their attack on NERV they sent out instructions concentrating the attack on the Umbilical Cable (which they call Power Cable). Moreover, Umbillical Cable [sic] means the blood vessels which extended from baby’s navel to the placenta of its mother’s womb. This is taken to mean that like babies who get their nutrients through these blood vessels, EVA’s get the electric power through the Umbilical Cable.