Web Log

Posted on January 29, 2002 by Babytooth

It seem that brinkster is unable to support my daily bandwidth, this means i need to go back to Tripod. Brinkster would serve as a mirror site.

Posted on January 27, 2002 by Babytooth

I have moved the entire site to a better server. YES, no more pop ups advertisment! Made more patches like no more fussy instruction fer winamp skin download. A great triumph, BabyEva has won the golden web award! Almost forgot, Happy Valentine's.

Posted on October 21, 2001 by Babytooth

A new affiliation with Japanimation. Patched more errors n bugs.

Posted on October 18, 2001 by Babytooth

A big thank you to all my visitors in making this site breaks its 10000 unique hits. Okie, though this is not a significant update, I have spent a week enhancing the layout by making CSS in full use. I have put in some JavaScript to make things livelier. Patched some bugs n errors. Also added a new page [ link ]. It is a collection of some really kewl anime related sites. Lastly, plz rate my site.

Posted on June 29, 2001 by Babytooth

Finally, i have got a domain name, [ www.babyeva.org ] courtesy of NameZero.
I have patched the bugs in winamp skin yet again. Plz read the instructions before download.

Posted on June 25, 2001 by Babytooth

Made a significant update that eradicated geocities's nasty ad. I am proud to say BabyEva is now ad free (does not apply to the 'main' page, evangelion.htm). Credits must be paid to tripod n geocities.... haha. I have moved 80% of BabyEva to tripod n solved problems regarding disk space and the aforementioned nasty 'ads'. Patched errors on 'winamp skin'. Plz follow intructions before downloading.

Posted on June 23, 2001 by Babytooth

Improved on eva.htm (page on the left). Added 15 winamp skins with 5 each in the category of [ rei ], [ asuka ] and [ misc ]. Also embedded counter to each and every page which allow me to keep track on visitor's preferences. Patched minor bugs. This site is going into its very version 3.3.

Posted on June 2, 2001 by Babytooth

Added [ sitemap ] and a new main page. This new main page would enable my counter to track referrer of my visitors more efficiently. I have tested BabyEva on Netscape Communicator 4.75 and Netscape 6.0. Sadly, it is not 100% compatible with the both. NC 4.75 does not support CSS and the scroller made of Javascript looks pretty awful. Netscape 6.0 does look better with the support CSS but not the scroller made of Javascript. I have yet to test it on NC 5.0 and Opera. Lastly, I have made [ Jessi's Anime Archive ] as my affiliate. Fer more details, goto [ affiliate ]

Posted on May 28, 2001 by Babytooth

I am introducing an affiliate program. Plz goto 'affiliate' fer more info. Made some refinements on eva.htm (page on the left). With the addition of several pages and refinements, I now call this site Version 3.2.

Posted on May 27, 2001 by Babytooth

This update is simply to make my site a more personal like with addition of a guestbook. Tumultuous applause to gbook.nu for providing me with this near perfect guestbook that go well with my site. I have patched BabyEva's button from a 88x33 to 88x31 pixels. [red + book] to [red book], Added Stats4all's counter which would provide more details of the page hits and unique visits. Speaking of hits, I have got 1000+. Thank you visitors! A mini poll added courtesy of bravenet.

Posted on May 18, 2001 by Babytooth

Added a 'mouse trail' in the main page. Also patched some minor errors. 'misc' gallery with 28 miscellaneous snapshots is now ready. Refined asuka's gallery which previously look quite trashy. Added 4 snapshots each to all the 3 main characters. I have also updated my midi's collection. Whew... it took me 4 hrs of non stop work to have it done. Frankly, i didn't make any of it, i simply download from other sites and make my collection a more complete one. BabyEva now has 74 midis!!! Not forgetting BabyEva's very own button by the size of 88x33 pixels. A very early version with no animation (below). Lastly, my rating in evangelion.com has improved. Thanz fer the support. plz rate my site !!

BabyEva's ButtonBabyEva's ButtonBabyEva's ButtonBabyEva's Button

Posted on May 14, 2001 by Babytooth

I have changed the site's name from Evangelion Ver 3 to BabyEva that rhymes with babytooth. Sound so much so better ^_____^ I have also altered the page hits counter from Microsoft Fast Counter to Bravenet's Hit Counters which offers more features and better look. Asuka's gallery uploaded. Also added scroller made out of JavaScript (would not work on Netscape 6) which I would add links to some really kewl sites. Also a new splash screen on the right which i have worked fer 2 hrs. Pretty neat huh! With all these patches and updates made, I now declare this site to be Version 3.1.

Posted on May 11, 2001 by Babytooth

Shinji Ikari's and Rei Ayanami's Galleries' are now ready. Both have total of 24 images each in JPEG format. All edited by myself from the OVA. Other galleries shall be ready soon. I have added my site to evangelion.com and a big thanz to them, this site is generating traffics. The 'rate this site' is offered by them for visitors to ... rate this site. This site's rating is available here.

Posted on May 6, 2001 by Babytooth

Added main.htm, about.htm, story.htm, angel.htm, red_book.htm, soundtrack.htm. 6 pages all together. I have added a counter as well. The main page size is now 61k, 17 seconds with 28.8kbps. Please let me know if encounter errors of any kind.

Posted on May 3, 2001 by Babytooth

This is the very 3rd version of my evangelion site. I have made an attempt to make use of the 'framesets'. Thanz to my past experience, I have made yet another breakthrough of myself.
Facts about this site. I have spent more than a week surfing around the internet to get fresh ideas to come out with this 'postcard' layout. It took me another day to figure out how 'framesets' work.
This site needs a minimum requirement of 800x600 pixels with 256 colors with browsers version 4 and above. I would recommend the use of a maximized 800x600 pixels with 32 bits colors and browser IE 5.5 or Netscape 6. About the load time, I am using very little images, in fact i have used onli 1 image. According to Dreamweaver, this page is sized 32k and it would need 9 seconds to be fully loaded with 28.8kbps connection and 5 seconds with 56.6kbps connection.

Lastly, please lay your comments to babyeva@babyeva.org.